Short Story Released

I am excited to announce that my short story “The Destruction of Station One” has been released as part of Philippa Ballantine’s Chronicles of the Order. I am very thankful to be included with the collection of awesome authors playing in Pip’s sandbox. The Order of the Eye and Fist series is set in a rich and vibrant land with a deep history and colorful characters.

Philippa’s first book of the Order, Geist, was recently published by Ace and is available now in bookstores everywhere.

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  1. Thank you! I am outlining a story for Tee and Pip’s next anthology, “Tales from the Ministry” and plugging away at my first novel “Corsa”.

    The novel has had many sidetracks however, the largest of which is the band with Phil Rossi Ditched by Kate. We are finalizing our first EP release and the website. These are just about sorted though, so then it’s full speed ahead on the novel!


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