I frequently get asked what hardware/software/technology I prefer for certain pursuits. I decided it was easier to list it all in one place and point people to that, rather than keep answering the question in different ways.

To that end, what follows is my “toolbox”. All of the information technology hardware and software that I use for the various things I do. Now the real challenge comes: keeping it up to date!

If you have questions, or suggestions, please add them to comments!

ToolboxMy Toolbox
Last updated: June 3, 2012 Aug 31, 2016 Feb 26, 2017 Nov 01, 2019 Jan 01, 2023 (see, I knew I was gonna slack and not update it!)

  • Computers
    • Primary Workstation (Windows 10)
      • Desktop w/Intel i7-7700K quad core CPU, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 GPU
        Storage 240 GB SSD, 500 GB SSD, 3 TB SATA
        Water cooled
      • Three 24″ 16:9 displays
      • One 40″ TCL Series 5 display
      • Logitech C920 HD Webcam
      • Razer Basilisk v2 wired mouse
    • Backup Music Production (Windows 11)
      • Laptop w/Intel i7 quad core CPU, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, 15″ HD Screen, 256GB SSD, 3TB eSATA drive
      • Logitech Trackman Wireless mouse
    • Media Server (Jellyfin)
      • Quad core i5 CPU, 8GB DDR4 RAM
      • Two 3TB external USB Drives
  • Mobile Devices
    • Google Pixel 6 Pro
    • Valve SteamDeck 512mb
  • Audio Hardware
    • Primary Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 18i8
    • Mixing Headphones: AKG K702, open back
    • Pre-Amp: ART Tube MP/C (tube amp with Opto Compressor-Limiter)
    • Streaming Microphone: Shure SM-7b (large diaphragm dynamic)
      • Triton Audio FETHead in-line gain
    • Other Mics
      • Large diaphragm condenser: AKG Perception 200
      • Large diaphragm condenser: MXL 990
      • Dynamic: Shure SM58
      • Dynamic: Shure SM57
      • Lavalier: Big Squid podcaster stereo (small condenser omnidirectional)
      • TC Helicon VoiceLive Play multi-effects processor
    • Portable Recording: Zoom H4n Handy Recorder
    • Primary Bass: Epiphone Thunderbird four string
      • Boss ME50 multi-effects pedal
    • Primary Guitar: Epiphone SG six string
      • Boss ME25 multi-effects pedal
    • Primary Keys: Sequential Prophet Rev 2
      • Analog polyphonic synth (16 voices)
  • Audio Software
  • Graphics Software
  • Internet Software


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