On this site I release various pieces of music, fiction, essays, speaking engagements, doodads and heehaws that make their way out of my noodle. Being around tremendously creative people over the past couple years has emboldened me to start actually placing things online. Hopefully they don’t suck.

Because I’ve never been able to make blogging a lasting habit – and this site is woefully out of date – here are some quick links to find my content in the big wide world:

My Music
The Art of Falling

Twitch Stream (7 Days to Die, City of Heroes, and other games)


About Chooch

He/him. Father, husband, brother, ally, musician, podcaster, gamer, and IT Manager for an undisclosed three letter agency (no, it’s not THAT one). 

Chooch resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Feeling social? You can find me on Mastodon at @chooch@dice.camp

Random Acts of Chooch