Or, at least that’s what I’m telling myself. I’m in the middle of trying to convert all of my WordPress sites into a single Multi-User install. If it works, this means that I will only have to upgrade and patch a single set of plugins and code and all of my sites will automatically be up to date.

Great for security, and certainly a plus for this lazy admin. Getting there, however, is another story. The documentation makes it seem like a simple act of exporting, tweaking some settings, and importing. I am finding that a lot of things don’t come across with an export though, and a lot of hand tweaking is required to get things to look right.

So, this blog will look a bit strange and some elements may be disappearing and reappearing as I enable things and get it all settled. Then I’ll start moving over the other sites if I’m convinced it won’t break anything.

I’ll update here as things progress

[Update 12/17/2010]

It’s been awhile since I’ve worked on this project. I successfully moved two blogs into the MU setup and they’re running great. I tried to move a podcast over, but the episodes didn’t want to play. I think it had to do with caching but ran out of time to test. I’ve got one more standard blog to move into the MU setup, then work on the podcasts.

[Update 12/20/2010]

I was successful in integrating a podcast. I had to manually touch every post for the mp3 files to link correctly, so it took awhile, but in the end everything seems to be working normally. For the next podcast I may try doing a search/replace within the SQL database dump and see if that works without having to touch every post. New posts automatically worked without issue, it was just the old episodes.

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