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A lot of friends have been buying Android devices. Naturally, one of the first things people want to know is “what is the best app to install?” This is an open question, of course. The answer depends on what you are looking to do and since there are so many apps out there, it owes a lot to personal preference.

I’ve sent e-mails to some friends with lists of applications that I like. I realized that it would be a lot more efficient to write up a blog post of what my favorite apps are and just point people to it.

Therefore, below are the “Apps I Can’t Live Without”. Well, mostly. I’ve divided them up into a couple different categories. One list of must-have apps. A list of games I enjoy. A list of techie apps that most people won’t be interested in. Finally a list of apps that I could live without, but are way cool – and lets face it, today’s devices have so much storage space that there really isn’t a reason NOT to install an app and try it out! All of the apps on these lists are completely free, ad supported, or have “lite” versions available.

I do intend to update this list from time to time. I am still rocking a hacked and modified T-Mobile G1, but with our contract coming up at the end of October I hope to upgrade to the new hotness. Some applications that don’t run well (or at all) on my current phone will get a good testing once I have a more capable device. – new hotness has been achieved: Viv and I now have the beautiful Droid X on Verizon. I can’t say enough good things about this device.. I’m in love with Android all over again!

Also, when I get time I’ll add in links or QRCodes to the apps so that they are easier to find and install.

One final note for people new to Android: unlike other devices Android has a full refund policy. You can get a refund for ANY app that you install if you don’t like it as long as you uninstall it within the first 24 hours

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  1. Finally! I get so see the apps you use and what they do!

    I’ve actually been using the Kindle app to read “Murder at Avedon Hill,” and other than having it soooo tiny that it gives me a headache it’s pretty cool. It’s great to have a story I love handy when sitting somewhere with an unexpected wait.

    Of the rest, I agree on Seesmic, it’s great until I can get something with filtering for my twitter stream. Wrrhl, prize seekers, sports tweets, Sci Fi Chat and the like fill up my timeline, otherwise. It recently pooped out on me, likely due to the twitter update, so I’ve had to delete and still need to reload it.

    And ShopSavvy rocks, although I have yet to have it come up with a local result. I blame that on our small town, rather than the app itself.

    I still love the Mario Simulator, although I never use it anymore. I keep it out of nostalgia, both for the games and our first discovery of it. Besides, you never know when coin sounds will come in handy…

    Fandango app works fine, pretty much as you’d expect to get movie listings.

    Droid Record is awesome when I’m stuck driving and need to make note of something and can’t write.

    I’ve been trying Endomondo for the mapping-while-running need. I don’t really have an opinion of it yet.

    The flashlight app has come in handy, especially at movie theaters when someone drops something in the dark.

    The strobe light app is a must for a long drive. Nothing is more entertaining than a car rave when you are driving and starting to get drowsy, eh Chooch?

    Labyrinth is a quick in-and-out game, and one that kids can do as well.

    Okay folks, what apps are your faves for droids?

  2. Please to add the QR codes! I loaded an app that reads them. AND successfully used it to grab an app. ALL BY MYSELF!

    Micro RAWR!

    1. Ooh- thanks for reminding me to further update the post! Google just reduced their return policy to 15 minutes!! Kind of sucks, but most apps have lite or trial versions. Google says that the reduction is because they’ve found that most refunds occurred in the first few minutes. Conspiracy and rumor says it’s because kids were buying games, beating them in a night and then refunding them *shrug*

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