After The Recording Is Done

This is the audio from a panel I spoke on at Balticon 43 over Memorial Day weekend. A special thanks to my fellow panelists: Noblis Reed, Tyler Waldman, and Thomas ‘Cmdln’ Gideon.

The version I am posting is not edited for content, but has been processed to remove noise and (hopefully) make it more listenable.

Cmdln has posted his own recording from this panel at in uncompressed FLAC, MP3, and Ogg Vorbis formats.

From the Balticon program:
There are a lot of tutorials, presentations, and classes on how to record a podcast but when it gets to posting and sharing your cast, things seem to get glossed over. There are many components working in concert to make a podcast feed. This session aims to explain what each of those components are and how they function together. Further, we hope to show you how you can save money by picking and choosing what services provide each piece.

This session will cover: choosing a hosting provider, choosing blog/podcast software; tagging mp3s; writing show notes; uploading files to a host; posting an episode; feed creation; and finally statistics/tracking.

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